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            1. About Us

               AgileBioChem Co., Ltd is a high-tech  medicine  and  chemical  company, we commit ourselves to developing  forefront  chemical  biology technologies , providing pharmaceutical  industry and chemical industry with innovative products and high quality  service. Our products  include  active  pharmaceutical ingredients , pharmaceutical  intermediates , material  intermediates , fine chemicals , chiral compounds and etc . Our service  includes  process  research and development service , custom synthesis and production  service , agent products service and etc.Our customers and partners are all over home and abroad and we have established close cooperation with innovative pharmaceutical companies from the United States, Europe, India and China.


              Custom Synthesis

              AgileBioChem  provides  custom  synthesis of chemical products containing  uniquely designed drug-like scaffolds  and  building blocks, such as Purine Derivatives, Heterocycles, Pyridine, Aromatic compounds and other building blocks.on scales ranging from milligrams to Kgs. All products will go through extensive quality control by NMR and LC-MS, and purity is guaranteed to be over 95% by both methods. 
              Process Research and Development
              Our scientists can provide synthetic router evaluation, reaction condition optimization, and scale-up production for our clients. Our kilo lab can prepare compounds in scales up of kilograms.